Fan Dancing Inspiration

17 Apr

As promised, Darlings!  A whole page of fan dancing inspiration to get your mind and heart a flutter!

What a joy it was to teach such lovely ladies yesterday at the Kansas City Burlesque Festival!

And speaking of fan dances:  what a treat to see Ilsa the Wolf execute one so skillfully! A dance which deservedly won her the title of: Queen of the 1st Annual Kansas City Burlesque Festival!(I was thrilled to find a video of Ilsa the Wolf to share with you – she’s below!)

Before we hit the YouTube goodness I want to share a very handy link with you.

If you aren’t reading 21st Century Burlesque… get with it! As fan dancing wisdom goes here’s a little treasure to spark some thought:

What I mean to say is READ THIS:

Beatirx Von Bourbon‘s article “How to Make a Fan Dance Your Own


Miss. Ilsa the Wolf! Reigning Queen of the Kansas City Burlesque Festival!

This video was taken at a show in Wichita recently and is Very similar to the number she performed at the festival last night!

Miss Indigo Blue: Triple Fan dance! Small, medium and large! This is number is a feast for the eyes of skill and tease! Watch it HERE.

One of my all time favorite fan dances (which I had the real treat of seeing in person a few years ago): Nasty Canasta‘s Car Alarm Fan Dance

Sharon Davis I’ve watched this video about a million times. She’s having so much fun with her audience.

Isidora Bushkovski - Fan Dance & Double Veil Dance Not a burlesque number – and absolutely inspiring – the power of Just One Fan. It adds so much to highlight and accent her performance.

About Sally Rand – The Fan Dancing Inspiration

Dixie Evans and the story of Sally Rand:

Sally Rand at the 1934 Chicago Worlds Fair

Michelle L’amour with a Sally Rand style fan number – gorgeous. This woman has brilliant stage presence. She blows my mind. (And seeing her last night at the KCBF – she just shines!)

I HIGHLY recommend Jo Weldon’s Video on Fan Dancing, here’s a preview:

Well there you are, Darlings!

What fan dance inspires you most? Have another you love? Comment and tell me about your fan dancing inspiration!


Sweet Louise

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